Blue 2011-13

My son went to college and I returned to the desert, my true home, after raising him on the east coast for nineteen years. I was single, living beyond the role of mother. I was redefining myself, expanding into the vast luminous blue sky, in a community of highly creative people who explored intimacy freely and often times recklessly. It was a volatile playground. 

I had painted alone for hours and months and years. Gallery openings sprinkled throughout those times were the only moments when my work and I interacted with a wide audience, the only moments where I could see and feel how my work affected others and if it mattered beyond my own internal process. 

Painting began to feel isolating. I wanted more interaction, collaboration, and immediate feedback. I wanted to create a space for others to share their creativity. So, I began organizing community events and performing .

  • Coming Home, acrylic on canvas, 40"x40", 2013, $2500