Archetypal Imagery 2014-16

In graduate school I took a Jungian class where I explored using Tarot cards in conjunction with art therapy.  Archetypal imagery filled my mind’s eye.  I would sit with pencils in both hands, sketchpad on lap, and ask a question.  Without thinking I would draw. Guidance flowed through in symbolism and metaphors, similar to dreams.  After my third painting in this process, “What if”, I knew that I was to go to India. 

In May 2014 I went to India by myself for three months.   Planning the first three days of my trip there was a task far more difficult than grad school.  Once in India I made decisions by responding to the immediacy of my environment. Since carrying paints and canvas and brushes was not an option, and I didn’t know anyone, I began to write.  My writings from that experience are included in this website

  • “Post-India Selfie”, Amina Re, 2016